About Us

About Our Team – Lane & Stephannie McKinney

The McKinney Team difference is in the way we do things. Founded by Lane and Stephannie McKinney. We bring talent from our previous carries. Lane, a Special Forces Green Beret Veteran and Stephannie McKinney, a Business and Marketing professional. We serve our clients with the same level of integrity, professionalism and care that we served both our country and clients in the past. Allow us the opportunity to show you what our Team can do for you and how we can sell your home. Ask us about our marketing campaigns, our networking connections, our presence in the community and how we will find the right buyer for your home. We are a new generation of Real Estate Professionals within our very prestigious Coldwell Banker realty brand. Let us come and show you in person exactly how we make a difference and what to expect from your Realtor.

Lane McKinney

I am a former Green Beret from Ft. Bragg, NC, a full time Real Estate Professional and the founder of The McKinney Team. When it was time for me to leave the service, I wanted to stay in NC and wanted to be near the water. I had a passion for water sports and love the mountains, but to do my due diligence I had explored many of the beach towns up and down the coast and just couldn’t find one that fit me. I wanted a thriving economy and I didn’t want live somewhere that had a seasonal population. I came to the Charlotte area and it was perfect for me. I had my water with beautiful Lake Norman, the mountains a short drive to the west and I had the second largest financial hub in the United States of America, how’s that for a match. I have always strived to be the best at anything I do. If it included unchartered areas for me, that was even more appealing. I came to Coldwell Banker and created the McKinney Team with the mission to offer better service I was able to find with better logistics and time than a single person could offer. As a team, we could be available to clients on time, to be multi-lingual, multi-cultural and be able to service the largest customer base available. We maintain a goal of continuing to grow our Team and bring Lake Norman a new generation of Real Estate Professionals. We like to tell our clients up front what to expect from our Team and to always hold us accountable each day. We make the commitment to our clients to serve them with the same principles and duty that I kept in the military. Customer service being our highest priority, we always strive to serve you and always be ahead of the curve. Every customer becomes a part of our team as a past client and the relationship moves far past the closing table. Give us a call and see exactly what that means for you.

Stephannie McKinney

I am the Co-founder of The McKinney Team and a full time Real Estate Professional. I utilize my experience, knowledge, determination and goal setting attitude to help clients with one of most important transactions of their lives. As partner and not just an agent, I not only offer my expertise to our clients their agent, but our team is able offer an additional array of services that our clients might not experience somewhere else. I hold over 12 years of experience in Operations and Property Management with a degree in Business & Marketing, additionally I am multilingual, fluently speaking both English and Spanish.

No matter what your needs are, whether you are selling your home, buying a home or seeking investment property, my priority and our team’s goal is to guide you through your transaction as easy as possible. Our mission is to develop long lasting relationships by offering superior service, integrity and unsurpassed work ethic. Ask me how we can represent you and experience the difference of being professionally represented by a team of FULL TIME agents. Let me show you the strength and value you gain by having me and my team by your side.